Your wedding day is all about you and it’s my job to capture it and seal it for eternity,

so that when you revisit it – together or alone – you can relive every touching and exceptional moment.

I have a passion for storytelling. The story of what happens between two people and two families on a truly special and beautiful day like your wedding.

Showing the bond with emotions, laughter and tears.

I specialize in documentary-style wedding photography.

I won’t tell you how to smile, as I don’t like excessive, forced settings. I strive for natural look. I focus on the moment and try to capture the emotions.

I will make the film of your life by focusing on emotions.

I will record your wedding as a movie, using your favourite music. “The essence of your wedding.” Only special moments and feelings will be included, leaving out anything unnecessary.

About me

I have been capturing the masterpieces of hairdressers, make-up artists, decorators, chefs and pastry chefs, and last but not least, the touching and exciting moments of couples since 2015.

I am extremely grateful, as I do what I love, archiving stories. I have been to so many beautiful places and met so many fantastic people during the years.

With several years of experience behind me on weddings, with all my professional and technical skills, I strive to capture unforgettable moments and minutes that will bring back the beautiful memories of your wedding day, even after many years.

I get a lot of positive feedback not only from the couples, but also from wedding guests, many of whom ask me to document their own wedding.

I was selected among the top five Central European drone operators in one of the biggest international wedding and event videography competitions, and achieved fourth place. The event judged not only aerial footage, but also creative camera movements, which brought my work a broad professional recognition. I’m enthusiastically recommending myself for any project where impressive and imaginative aerial shots play a significant role.

I have two great helpers, Bíborka and Lilla, my two little daughters, who help me pack and arrange my work stuff. They especially like to pack things. I live with my two little girls and my wife in Lajosmizse, from where I travel not only within Hungary but all over the world to create photos and videos. If you like my work and would like me to capture your Big Day, please complete the form and we can discuss the details soon. Send me a message.

“Dear Tibi, thank you so much for the photos!!!! We are so impressed with everything, the photos/ the way we look, the photos are truly amazing! Can’t wait for the next batch to be sent! Have a nice evening, with your family!"

Viola & Szilárd

"I love the photos. With no exaggeration. Thank you very much for the perfect job you’ve done. I am so glad that we “chose" you based on seeing your photo gallery only. Thank you!"

Anita & Janó

“The photographer was very kind and professional and the end result speaks for itself! Thank you guys for your work."

Dóra & Attila

“I have found Tibi's work online and was immediately attracted by his videos. I am so glad that we chose him for our wedding. He was kind and fair all the way through and the communication was fast. And the videos turned out great, taking into account our personal requests! The highlights video is my big favourite! I can only recommend Tibi to all couples getting married 🙂 Thank you again!!!"

Kata & Manuel

"Thank you very much, we can't tell you how much we love the photos, we've looked at them several times, and we can't get enough of them! And we're not the only ones who think so, we've had several feedback from other people, saying how fantastic the photos turned out!"

Petra & Tamás

“We have received the photos on Friday, thank you very much! Since then, our little daughter is not willing to watch any other movies than the wedding video! We like both of the videos very much, the music selected for the highlights is very good! Thank you for your work! Best regards: the Szabó family"

Gabriella & Konrád

“We have received the USB stick with the films, and they are great! We love it, thank you very much!"

Viki & Ricsi

"We received the package. We watched it and the video turned out really great, I like it a lot! Thank you very much!"

Orsi & Bence

"The bouquet toss part, the plate breaking, the creative cutscenes are all great ideas, you've come up with some great solutions for them! Actually, the more we watch them, the more creative ideas and solutions we find in them that you used. We are really pleased, so hats off, surely there's a lot of quality work and creativity put in the films. Have a nice weekend!"

Évi & Tomi

"Thank you so much, the photos are amazing! Special thanks for the flexibility regarding the date and the great work of the photographer on site."

Ági & Tomi

"Thank you very much, I have already downloaded the photos. The photos look great, thank you very much for your work and your fair approach. I will recommend you to others."

Petra & Dávid

"The photos are very beautiful, you've captured the moments well, we've watched them a dozen times, and the films are brilliantly edited, a really professional job. I also really liked the style, very sophisticated with great design work. Thank you so much for capturing the Big Day of our lives!"

Kitti & Albert

“Dear Tibi, you made a beautiful video of our wedding! You summed up the day very nicely, the choice of music is also spot on. We think it is important to emphasize that you "understood" what we wanted and delivered to the maximum. There are thousands of different people with thousands of different expectations, each with different things to say about the event, but you perfectly understood what we wanted to capture. The same was true for the arboretum photo shoot. You take great photos and videos! Thank you very much again! Looking forward to the Christmas photo shoot "

Anita & István

Let me be your photographer on your Big Day! Please complete the form below and I will reply shortly.

Please note that I can either be your photographer OR provide cinematography service, as I work on my own.

phone: +36 30 243 3141


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